Hillsboro Title Company works with lenders who specialize in construction loans throughout Missouri. Below are several reasons why these professionals choose Hillsboro Title for their construction disbursing needs.

Real-Time Information Access

With our software system, you have real-time, easy access to information during every stage of the process. You can view total amount spent and where the funds have gone.

Access to information translates to peace of mind preserving the value of your collateral.

Attorney Oversight

With an attorney at the helm of our construction disbursing department, we are uniquely qualified. Our in-house counsel understands the risks associated with significant commercial transactions – specifically, the risks you are assuming by lending large sums of money.


Hillsboro Title Company draws on more than two decades of complex construction disbursing experience.

We have disbursed commercial loans from $250,000 to the tens of millions. Moreover, we have insured projects totaling more than $800 million.

Risk Mitigation

We evaluate each project for potential challenges. If an additional property inspection can resolve an issue, we will take the initiative to remediate before it becomes a problem.

Preventing a mechanic’s lien or any other process disruption is our top priority so that you can not only protect the value of your collateral but also seamlessly transition your loan to permanent status.

High-Level Perspective

In addition to being detail oriented, we look at your project from a strategic standpoint. Yes, we keep track of your funds and alert you when they have not been paid according to the plan and timeline, but we also help you make your loan more marketable with extended coverage. You also have a direct line to both our title and underwriting departments; we work collaboratively to assist you with complex construction disbursing scenarios.


We adapt to your schedule; your priorities become our priorities. Our fully staffed construction disbursing department handles the infinite number of disbursements and inspections intrinsic to commercial properties with ease.

Time and Cost Savings

An average construction job requires approximately 75 checks to be written and disbursed. It takes about 15 minutes for an administrative assistant to process a check resulting in 18.75 hours of workforce per project, and it takes another hour to gather 1099 documents. If you estimate that you pay an assistant $18/hour, you have now invested $355.50 per project for the minimum amount of work.

How many projects do you have going on at one time? Outsourcing the construction disbursing process can save you time, money, and administrative hours.

Let Hillsboro Title Company be your competitive advantage in the opening and managing more commercial loans. We look forward to continuing the conversations.