Hillsboro Title Company’s Coronavirus Response

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, we have all had to adjust to a rapidly changing world. However, the health and safety of our customers and employees have remained the highest priority. We will be adopting additional business practices in order to ensure we can still provide excellent service and protect everyone who visits or works in our offices.

Our Approach:

Hillsboro Title Company is open for business. We appreciate all of the employees and customers who make this possible, and we are actively following the guidance of the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We are monitoring all state and local ordinances and will continue updating our guidelines to keep our operations in compliance. Sanitation and cleaning efforts have been expanded, and we have limited access to our office for appointments only. Walk-in visitors are not permitted at this time. Closings participants will be limited to the necessary signers only. We have also worked to provide more options for how you close.

Closing Services:

Hillsboro Title has expanded closing options so that we can work with customers, agents, and lenders to choose the safest and most efficient method for them. We strongly encourage hybrid or no contact curbside closing options. These services allow customers to sign documents from the comfort and safety of their vehicles, while still receiving personalized service from our team of professionals.

In-Person Closings:

If closing inside our facilities is required we are strictly adhering to guidelines. This includes:

-Limiting participants to necessary signers only

-Requiring appointments to call from their vehicle upon arrival and before entry

-Requiring the use of a cloth face covering (for more information please see the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

-Prepping and cleaning the rooms before and after appointments

-Providing sanitized pens that will be used for signings

-Remaining six feet apart from others, and refraining from physical contact

-Following action plans in the event that someone tests positive for the coronavirus, including closing offices and quarantines

Additionally, whenever you enter a Hillsboro Title Office you are affirming that:

1. You have completed an at-home temperature check and self-health screen prior to coming to the facilities

2. You are fever and symptom-free

3. You will fully comply with our safety policies and practices while in the office

In an effort to protect the safety and health of all who enter our offices, if you have been experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus (including but not limited to fever, persistent cough, or trouble breathing) within the last 10 days we cannot permit you entry to any of our offices. We will reschedule your appointment, or explore contactless options with you. Please see the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a complete list of coronavirus symptoms.

We understand that the Coronavirus has presented the world with a number of complex challenges. However, we believe together we can continue to provide excellent customer service and products to our customers, agents, and lenders while protecting them and our hardworking employees. Thank you to all who make Hillsboro Title Company possible.

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much”- Helen Keller